Water is Life Non​-​Edited

from by The Big Funny Orchestra

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The Big Funny Orchestra is a worldwide consortium of socially conscious activists, musicians and artists collaborating to focus attention on current issues and social injustice. By pooling their
collective talents and audiences to focus on the interests of marginalized groups, these artists aim to raise public awareness of humanitarian causes by initiating public dialogue through their art and conscientious activism.

All profits from this download will go to The Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council.
They coordinate medical and healer supplies, human resources, and other types of medical/healing aid between the following groups:

1. All the camps who Stand With Standing Rock (Oceti Sakowin, Sacred Stone, Red Warrior, Sicangu-Rosebud, and others)
2. Standing Rock Emergency Services
3. Indian Health Services
4. Standing Rock Tribal Council
5. Mni Wiconi Integrative Health Clinic
6. The greater allopathic & healer community

This group is specifically to connect those of you wanting to offer support to those of us on the ground coordinating aid.

Sioux County Dakota and the Standing Rock Reservation have a US Health & Human Services designation as a Medically Underserved Area. This designation is given to with less than a 62 Index of Medical Underservice (IMU) out of a possible 100. Sioux County has an IMU of 20, indicating a sincere need for qualified practitioners to support the health of the local community as well as the needs of the water protectors maintaining the camps.

Donated funds allow us to finalize our winter infrastructure needs, for advanced practitioner gear, for climate-controlled storage of medic supplies, and for emergency contingency supply funds

Please note donated funds to The Medic and Healer council is processed through their fiscal sponsor, the Florida School of Holistic Living (501c3). All funds are dispersed directly to the council to support their work on the ground in Standing Rock.
Unfortunately due to bandcamp fees we cant send this download checkout directly to them, we still have to process it before we can send it, however so you know where it goes,

The Verified Paypal that we (after paying the bandcamp fee) send the funds to ) is linked through www.holisticlivingschool.org . If you would prefer to support them directly without the download please click here.

For other ways to help support The Medic and Healing Council please go to the website here.

And if you just want to help but aren't too worried about targeting your help, you can learn all you need to know about how to help Standing Rock at nodaplsolidarity.org
or sacredstonecamp.org

Thank you for your support on our projects. Be the change.


Clean Water-Not too Much to Ask
You Claimed Our Native Land
Called it Your Providence
Now It's Time We Take a Stand
So, There'll be No Spill This Time?
Cause You Know What to Do?
They Heard That Same Ol' Bullshit
At Yellowstone and in Kalamazoo
They Turned it Down in Bismarck
It Was Much Too Dangerous
Might Harm Kids at the Park
So Y'all tryin' to Pull that Shit on Us'
Standing Rock is Where it's Gotta End
Spills are not Just Accidents
They Seem to Be A Trend
Standing Rock - It's Gotta Stop
You Say that You'll Be Cautious
But Caution Has No Meaning
When it's Not You- Just Us
Standing Rock - It's Gotta Stop
Clean Water, Clean Water and Air
It's Not Too Much to Hope For
Not Much At All - You Know It's Only Fair
With Good Health- We'll Never Be Poor
Said We're Wild and tried to Tame Us
Stole Our Way of Life- Treated us as Savages
We're the Proud Lakota and Dakota Nation
Sacred Land - We Won't Let You Ravage it
Our Kids Don't Have Much Wealth
Just Nature, Clean Water and Air
Our Greatest Treasure is Our Health
Treat Our Kids Like Yours-You know it's Only Fair
Standing Rock - When Will it Stop?
When Will it Stop, When Will it Stop?
If Not at Standing Rock, When Will It Stop?


from Water is Life, released November 20, 2016
Vocals & Production: Travis Simmons
Lyrics: B. Clay
Composition & Drums: Telea Noriega
Arrangement & Production: Angela Noriega
Mix, Post Production & Art: Pixi Anderson



all rights reserved


Travis Simmons A. K. A. The Big Funny Seattle, Washington

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